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Ward Rounds Gets New Look, Name under Northwestern Medicine

After nearly 30 years in existence, Ward Rounds magazine is undergoing a bit of a style transformation following the rollout of the new Northwestern Medicine® branding, and is being renamed to better represent the three missions of research, education, and clinical care at our academic medical center. While it will remain an alumni publication, the quarterly vehicle will contain more information to showcase the important work of the interconnected institutions that now comprise Northwestern Medicine®. In late 2013/early 2014, we will unveil the refreshed publication Northwestern Medicine Magazine. This continues the trend that began in 2012 with the launch of the medical school’s weekly e-newsletter, My Northwestern Medicine.

But have no fear, the Ward Rounds name, which many alumni know all too well because of its ties to the illustrious Ward Building, where medical students for many generations have spent countless hours studying in its classrooms and labs, will still play an integral role. The alumni news section, which contains alumni profiles, the Alumni Association’s President’s Message, and Progress Notes (the back part of the magazine that many alumni say they turn to first), will now be known as “Ward Rounds News.”

We will continue to print four issues each year, following Dean Neilson’s commitment that began in fall 2011 to communicate more frequently with our strong alumni base in varied formats. As in the past, there will be three to four longer feature stories, with some articles being expanded to include even more detail. There will also be more quick reads for those who prefer to skim. The number of pages in each issue will grow to accommodate additional news and information about the impact and changes that our connected institutions are making locally and nationally, to highlight alumni contributions in support of the medical school’s important teaching mission, and to offer outside perspectives and commentary on research, education, and health care issues.

Currently mailed to approximately 25,000 alumni, donors, faculty and staff, the reach will be expanded to include external audiences such as education and research deans and residency program directors across the country, as well as Illinois legislators to increase the visibility of efforts conducted across the academic medical center.

While the cover is being completely redesigned (see example), the various sections of the magazine will remain essentially the same, with a slightly different look and feel, including color framing to define each section, more photos and illustrations, numbers presented in separate fact boxes, and more visible call-outs that highlight unique content (slideshows and audio/video) that can be found in the online version. The online vehicle will also be updated to mirror the look and feel of the print magazine.

I hope alumni will continue to respond to my quarterly requests for Progress Notes and photos so the “Ward Rounds News” section remains an important part of the publication. I encourage you to send me your feedback after you receive the new Northwestern Medicine Magazine in the mail in January.

Michele Weber

Ward Rounds Editor