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About the Magazine

Ward Rounds is published quarterly for alumni and friends of Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine and the McGaw Medical Center graduate medical education programs.

The Ward Rounds editorial board meets two times annually to provide input on the magazine. If you are an alumnus of the medical school and would like to be involved, please contact Michele Weber at m-weber@northwestern.edu.

  • How long has Ward Rounds been in existence?

    Ward Rounds was launched in fall 1984, but prior to that, there were a number of other names for the medical school publication. It all began in June 1899 with a newsletter called the Quarterly Bulletin which was published until 1912 and then resumed again from 1940 to 1962. In June 1963, Northwestern University Medical School Magazine was born. It was printed three times annually for the next 10 years. In the winter of 1974, yet another magazine that lasted 10 years was brought to life, Northwestern University Medical Center Magazine.

    Ward Rounds magazine was a quarterly print publication until 2008, when it was also offered online. To reduce costs in 2010/2011, only two issues were printed annually, while continuing to offer the magazine online each quarter. With the print reduction, we incorporated a history blog, audio/video elements, and slideshows to feature content in new ways in the online version.

    Created for graduates, faculty, staff, students and friends of Northwestern University’s medical school, the magazine was intended to keep alumni informed about happenings at their alma mater and to keep them in touch with their classmates.

  • Where did the magazine get its current name?
    Ward Rounds is a play on words. It incorporates “rounds” in the hospital and the medical school’s famous Ward Building (built as a memorial to retail giant Montgomery Ward), where many graduates throughout the decades have attended lectures and laboratory classes.
  • Who receives Ward Rounds?
    The print magazine is sent to approximately 28,000 people two times each year. Another 5,000 people access the publication online. (Prior to 2011, Ward Rounds was printed and mailed quarterly. Since 2008, an online version has been created four times a year.) About 70 percent of the recipients are Northwestern University medical school alumni. The other audiences include faculty, staff, students, and donors. The magazine is provided free of charge.
  • How is the publication funded?
    The magazine is fully funded by the medical school.
  • What types of content are included?
    Ward Rounds features education, research, and clinical news at the medical school and its affiliates, as well as alumni and faculty updates and profiles.
  • Where do story ideas originate?
    Stories come from keeping our eyes and ears open. Staff in the Office of Communications meet with faculty members, comb the web site and various internal newsletters, attend lectures and events, and talk to students to find out what’s going on at the school. Readers are encouraged to send suggestions for story ideas.
  • Do you use contributions from readers and/or freelance writers?
    There is a very limited freelance budget, but with scarce internal resources, we do make some freelance assignments of stories generated in-house. (We would welcome contributions from readers, but it would be wise to contact the editor – m-weber@northwestern.edu – to discuss your idea.)
  • Do alumni provide input to the magazine?
    Ward Rounds has an editorial board that meets two times annually (spring and fall) to provide input on the magazine. There are currently two students, along with MD, physical therapy and PhD graduates providing their counsel, in addition to medical school staff.