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Ward Rounds Survey - Alums Want More Progress Notes!

In the summer 2010 issue of Ward Rounds, readers were asked to share feedback about the magazine’s content. We also wanted to know if alumni would access the online-only issues two times a year and what new elements should be included with the Web version.

We thank those individuals who took the time to respond. While overall most are very satisfied with the content and quality of the magazine, there are areas for improvement. We were heartened to learn that a majority of the respondents would access the online version of the magazine when a hard copy is unavailable.

With the redesign of the magazine, the timing was optimal to begin implementing reader suggestions. We encourage you to continue to tell us how we are doing.

Top 3 Sections Readers Value (and opportunities for improvement)
  1. Progress Notes ““ Alumni want more news from fellow medical school graduates. We will devote more space to updates from alumni and will send more reminders to encourage participation.
  2. Alumni News ““ Readers want to see more alumni profiles. We will include more variety in our profiles (feature younger graduates and current residents) and will experiment with shorter pieces.
  3. Feature articles ““ Alumni want more information about medical students, updates from the dean, and news about community service and patient-care programs. We will cover more content in these areas.
Online Access

While some of our respondents find reading longer pieces on a computer screen difficult and less enjoyable, 70 percent said they would go online to get updates about the medical school when a print copy of Ward Rounds is unavailable. When asked what elements would improve their online experience, here’s what alumni told us”¦

  • 55 percent want video
  • 25 percent would like to read a blog
  • 15 percent are interested in podcasts (audio)

If you would like to learn more about the Ward Rounds redesign and how it will improve the reader experience, see “Ward Rounds Sports New Design.”

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