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Faculty Awards and Achievements

The American College of Rheumatology honored three Northwestern University physician-scientists during its annual scientific meeting in Chicago. Calvin R. Brown, Jr., MD, (second from left), professor of medicine, praised the efforts of Shawn Rose, MD, PhD, Driskill Foundation Rheumatology Fellow, received the Distinguished Fellow Award for his work on the ACR Fellows Subcommittee. Thomas J. Schnitzer, MD, PhD, professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation, and professor of internal medicine, was named Master of the American College of Rheumatology, one of the society’s highest honors.  Richard M. Pope, MD, Mabel Greene Myers Professor of Medicine and chief of the Division of Rheumatology, was honored with the ACR Master title. Dr. Pope was the first to describe the molecular basis of lgG rheumatoid factor, along with Martin Mannik, MD, now emeritus professor of medicine at UW Medicine in Seattle.

Al B. Benson III, MD, FACP, professor of medicine, received the Association of Community Cancer Centers’ 2011 Outstanding Achievement in Clinical Research Award for his extensive research, leadership, and commitment to individuals with cancer.

Ann E.B. Borders, MD, assistant professor in obstetrics-gynecology, received the Illinois Maternal and Child Health Coalition, Loretta Lacey Maternal and Child Health Advocacy Research Award for 2011. The award recognizes individuals who use their research findings to advocate for maternal and child health.

Two faculty from the Department of Physical Therapy and Human Movement Sciences received awards from the American Physical Therapy Association. David A. Brown, PT, PhD, was honored with the Marian Williams Award for Physical Therapy Research, given to those who demonstrate outstanding basic clinical and/or educational research that is sustained for at least 10 years and makes a meaningful contribution. James Elliott, PT, PhD, received the Eugene Michels New Investigator Award, which recognizes an individual within five years of completing his or her highest degree who has developed a line of research that has had or is expected to have a significant impact.

In collaboration with four radiologists, Larry Cochard, PhD, assistant professor of medical education and faculty development, along with Lori Goodhartz, MD, associate professor of radiology, and Carla Harmath, MD, assistant professor of radiology, all at the Feinberg School of Medicine, helped create “Netter’s Introduction to Imaging,” a resource for first- and second-year medical students that answers basic radiology questions.

The Ken & Ruth Davee Department of Neurology, along with principal investigator Tanya Simuni, MD, was honored by the National Institutes of Health, National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke for their leadership role in the Network for Excellence in Neuroscience Clinical Trials (NEXT). This award is a highly competitive, national distinction offered only to the most qualified investigators and top-tier clinical research institutions.

Pamela Fiebig, AUD, a senior lecturer in the Department of Otolaryngology- Head and Neck Surgery, received the Clinical Educator Award from the Illinois Academy of Audiology in 2011.

John Flaherty, MD, associate chief in the Division of Infectious Diseases for the Department of Medicine, was elected treasurer for the Association of Specialty Professors. Dr. Flaherty will serve two years, first as treasurer and then as president-elect, before becoming ASP president.

Jay Gottfried, MD, PhD, associate professor in the Ken & Ruth Davee Department of Neurology, received the 2011 Derek Denny-Brown Award from the American Neurological Association. Dr. Gottfried was one of two individuals recognized for significant stature in neurological research. His focus is on how the human brain transforms odor inputs and how learning, memory, and experiences modulate odor perception.

Ling Qun Hu, MD, professor of anesthesiology, was selected as the 2011 recipient of the International Anesthesia Research Society’s Teaching Recognition Award for Achievement in Education.

Brian Mustanski, PhD, associate professor of medical social sciences, was selected as the 2011 recipient of the Award for Distinguished Scientific Contribution by the Society for the Psychological Study of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Issues. The award recognizes distinguished theoretical or empirical contributions to lesbian, gay, or bisexual psychological issues. The society is a division of the American Psychological Association.

Douglas Nordli, Jr., MD, the Lorna S. and James P. Langdon Chair in Pediatric Neurology and director of the Epilepsy Center at Children’s Memorial Hospital, was elected president of the American Clinical Neurophysiology Society.

Reed Omary, MD, MS, professor of radiology, and Ann Ragin, PhD, research professor of radiology, were placed as permanent members of National Institutes of Health study sections at the 2011 Society of International Radiology awards.

Joel Press, MD, professor in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, received the David Selby Award from the North American Spine Society. The award recognizes a member who contributed greatly to the art and science of spinal disorder management through service to NASS.

Stanford Shulman, MD, the Virginia H. Rogers Professor of Pediatric Infectious Disease and a professor of pediatrics at the Feinberg School, as well as head of infectious disease at Children’s Memorial Hospital, was chosen to be a co-recipient of the 2011 American Academy of Pediatrics Section on Infectious Disease Award for Lifetime Contribution to Infectious Diseases Education.

Melissa A. Simon, MD, assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology, has been selected as the Institute of Medicine ‘s 2011-2013 Norman F. Gant/American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology/IOM Anniversary Fellow in recognition of her work toward health equity for uninsured and publicly insured women. As a fellow, Dr. Simon will work with eminent researchers, policy experts, and clinicians from across the country as they collaborate on IOM initiatives to provide nonpartisan, evidence-based guidance to national, state, and local policymakers, academic leaders, health care administrators, and the public. She will also receive a $25,000 research stipend.

Jacob I. Sznajder, MD, Ernest S. Bazley Professor of Asthma and Related Disorders, and chief of the Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care, was awarded Doctor Honoris Causa at the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, Lima, Peru, in recognition of his academic and scientific achievements.

Tadanori Tomita, MD, Yeager Professor of Pediatric Neurosurgery, was named president-elect of the International Society for Pediatric Neurosurgery.  Dr. Tomita is head of neurosurgery and medical director of the Falk Brain Tumor Center at Children’s Memorial Hospital, professor of neurological surgery at Feinberg, and a member of the Cancer Biology and Epigenomics Program of the research center.

Tetsu Uejima, MD, associate professor of anesthesiology at the Feinberg School, was recently appointed to the Affiliate Advisory Council, representing the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation, for a new organization called SmartTots (Strategies for Mitigating Anesthesia-related Neurotoxicity in Tots). It is a private-public partnership that includes the FDA to study the long-term effects of anesthesia on young children.

John Varga, MD, the John and Nancy Hughes Distinguished Professor of Rheumatology, along with colleagues from Johns Hopkins, edited a book entitled, “Scleroderma: From Pathogenesis to Comprehensive Management.” The text, which includes the work of international experts, integrates basic pathobiology and rational targeted therapy.

Lynne Wagner, PhD, associate professor of medical social sciences, was honored with the Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group’s (ECOG) 2011 Young Investigator Award. ECOG is a multicenter NCI-sponsored cancer cooperative group that has been in existence for 50 years. Dr. Wagner also holds a leadership position in the group as chair of the Patient Outcomes and Survivorship Committee.

Cynthia A. Wong, MD, professor of anesthesiology, received an Outstanding Dedication to MH Award for her ongoing assistance to the Malignant Hyperthermia Association of the United States.

Clyde Yancy, MD, Magerstadt Professor and chief of the Division of Medicine-Cardiology, has been appointed to the new working group of the NIH Advisory Committee to the Director on the Diversity of Biomedical Research. The committee will provide recommendations to the NIH Director on ways to improve the retention of underrepresented minorities, as well as persons with disabilities and disadvantaged backgrounds by June 2012.

Liang Zhou, MD, PhD, assistant professor in the Departments of Pathology and Microbiology-Immunology, was one of 22 researchers to be named a 2011 Pew Scholar in the Biomedical Sciences by The Pew Charitable Trusts. Dr. Zhou was recognized for his work in immunology and gene regulation.